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  Donors are people from all walks of life and ethnicities - there is no such thing
as a 'standard donor'. What they all have in common is their desire to help
people and make a real difference in someone's life.

Egg Donation and the Law

Any child born as a result of egg donation will be the legal child of the recipient not the donor. The HFEA keeps a register of all egg donors as well as all treatments using donated eggs.
As the law stands the identity of a donor remains confidential as far as the parents of donor conceived children are concerned.  

However, at the age of 16, children born as a result of donated eggs will be legally entitled to non-identifying information about the donor and other donor conceived children to whom they are genetically related. 16 years olds who are entering a relationship may also find out whether they are genetically related.  At the age of 18 they will be entitled to identifying information about the donor. They may also be given identifying information about donor conceived genetic siblings, if both sides consent.

Parents of children conceived using donated eggs are provided with non identifying information about the donor.  They may also ask the HFEA for information about the number, sex and year of birth of other children born from the same donor.

The donor is entitled to non-identifying information about their offspring, specifically the number, sex and year of birth.

Under regulations donors may help to produce children for a maximum of 10 families. However, women who donate in this clinic will be donating to a maximum of 2 couples in the process of one cycle.

Withdrawal of consent
It is important that donors only proceed if they are completely happy with the procedure and the possible consequences. Our counsellor is available to discuss any concerns and any such discussions are completely confidential. However, donors are free to withdraw consent at any time up until their eggs, or the embryos created using their eggs, are used in treatment (transferred into the womb of the recipient). If eggs or embryos have been frozen for future use, the donor may withdraw her consent to storage and future use at any time.

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